Close X    o-o-8-o-o prOject is the search shell with google search without greed and with luck, sites opening by only one first letter, and with a wide choice of search engines, torrent trackers, bookmarks to favorite websites and every time a new picture to set the mood.
    To begin just enter text for search here and press Enter or Find or Download button.
    Enter favorite site address to add it to quick access panel at bottom of this page or scroll to choose from many already prepared services. Convenient to add sites here.
    Add other useful search engines or convenient sorting search results by using in added url the variable vifind, which will be replaced by current search query (for example, add to add ThePirateBay seeders sort, or just to add DuckDuckGo).
    Use a lot of texts search shortcuts with the smart Find button like in special designed browser search extension. Use your own favorite pictures collection as background.
    Make o-o-8-o-o prOject your homepage, open favorite sites only by one first letter and start every day with a new beautiful image and the best smart non-greedy search:
    3 times more Google results. Since this is Doping for Google and the most queries will be send to Google, so it is just 3 times more information on the most queries.
    Popular sites open by 1-2-3 letters (f-Facebook,y-YouTube,am-Amazon...) without unnecessary intermediate pages with ads mowing down unnecessary search results.
    Popular sites open also by digits only: 70 Youtube, 60 Google, 63 Gmail, 71 Facebook, 73 Reddit, 13 Amazon, 72 Twitter, 7133 Time, 0 o-o-0-o-o...
    There is no more monopoly on searching:
    Search Query [2 spaces] WhereToSearchWithParametersWithoutSpacesShortn (examples g100, img, y, am, amfr, amcheap, amviews, amnew...). 2 spaces can be replaced by |, ==, -- as you want. In Chrome address bar 2 spaces trims to 1 space, so in Chrome address bar needs to use | or == or --. No need to remember WhereToSearch, just type where you want to search, that's it, you can even skip the most letrs, only no spaces.
    For popular searches have special symbols to add to end: Search Query= for search in Youtube. = looks like flat widescreen tv. Query; on StackOverflow Query;; on StackOverflow with Google. Query- on choice of searches on Query-- last used search on
    Last search can be repeated in Google with g command, in with 0 or re commands. To repeat last search ==WhereToSearchShortn without Search Query.
    For convenience, has also been developed: Shopping Search,   Doping for Google,   Translate,   Travel  Satellite  Maps,   World's The Most Beautiful Places & Beaches,   Amazing Travel Search prOject,   Professional Search,   Free StartUp PromOter,   Instruction How to Travel and Make Money Online for Free,   iCalc,   iEdit - Service to Transform Text & Lists, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Secret and that's not all...
    Rich Languages Choice:   .Com English   o-o-0-o-o   Doping   .Travel   .Shopping   .prOfessional   .Ru Русский   .Español   .Cn 中国   .Jp 日本語   .Kr 한국어   .AE العربية   .Deutsch   .Português   .Français   .Nederland   .ItalianO   .Colombia   .India   .Th ภาษาไทย   .Ua Українська   .Gr Έλληνας   .IL עברית
    Search by Default Choice:   YahoO   Bing   Yandex   Mail.Ru   Baidu百度   DuckDuckGo   Lucky Non-Greedy Google   Close Help
















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